Monday, February 20, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Today's post very nearly did not happen. When I opened my iPad this morning NOTHING would work. It was locked up tight and would not even turn off. With no way to use my home computer I called my Apple consultant and sometime travel companion, Susan. She suggested I call 1-800-apple. She also told me there is an Apple store in Albuquerque. Calling didn't work (it's 1-800-myapple). The GPS came to the rescue and located the Apple store where a very friendly guy solved the problem in about 2 seconds.

So the whole day was spent driving from Kingman, AZ to Santa Fe where we are now comfortably ensconced.

Not much in the photo section today. One of these is of a power plant I could see approaching for at least 50 miles.
The other is a place we pulled over because a sign said it was a scenic view. Is it?

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