Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Atom bomb & Ancient Sites Today

Los Alamos up "the Hill" from Santa Fe is the birthplace of the atom bomb. Robert Oppenheimer selected the site of a boys ranch school as a remote location to gather the scientists who created the mushroom cloud.

We spent a long time in a very complete but small museum dedicated to this place from the explosive volcanoes that created this place to
The explosive device that ended WWII.

We drove further up into Bandelier National Monument which was home to ancestral Pueblo people over 10,000 years ago. Again the views in new Mexico are always stunning and hope I did justice to them in the photos.
1. Bandelier view
2 & 3. Cliff dwellings at Bandelier
4 & 5 canyon views
6. A dangerous pose
Remaining pics are of Los Alamos including statue of Robert Oppenheimer & Gen. Groves and home where Oppenheimer lived on Bathtub Row (if asked I will explain name).

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