Monday, October 20, 2014

People of Italy

A change of pace is in order. I have so many photos and to just show them chronologically is beginning to really bore me, if not you. So I am going to use a theme.  I love to capture people of the locale that I am in but it is usually pretty tricky to be quick enough and not feel like a spy.  I got lucky on this trip and when I looked back through all the photos, I am amazed at how many I have.

 Park in Palermo

Palermo wedding photo
 More Palermo People

Catania Market
Little Biker in Sorrento gets help then off she goes

Pretty in Pink
Wedding Guest await the Bride

 Fashion Shoot

                                                                 Catania Boys Club
Italian woman in black - tourist in gray
Mamma Mia and pooch

Catania Kiss
Taormina Postman and his delivery bike
Street conversation in Matera
Sassa workman

 Coming and going in Matera

Happy restaurant workers

Alberbello fashionista and athletes

 Sorrento puppy gets a ride
 Rome - wedding photos at Castel St. Angelo
 Fabric store- Bassetti Tessuti
Skirts and heels and Scooter 

 Piazza Navona guys
Rowing on the river
 Our leader finds the way

Pompeii vendor 

This is my favorite.  This woman was asleep on this chair in the colonnade outside St. Peter's. She's a bit dusty and  looks as if she has been here for a very long time. Reminds me of "Whistler's Mother".

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