Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our "No Fly Cruise" - St Maartens

We are on our way to St. Maartens. The wind on deck makes Dan feel like one of those weathermen reporting on a hurricane but with with sun.
Yes, the island is spelled with two a's as it is Dutch on one side. We land in Phillipsburg on that side. The other half is French and there is no problem moving back and forth.

Looking into the bridge at the guys driving this monster
A picture from the show. This is a guy doing some songs from "GUYS AND DOLLS"
Coming into dock
Our ship is on the right. The other is a Norwegian Line ship
A lovley view of a hotel

Since we had not seen flowers at home yet I was captivated by these lovlies.

The usual tourist tchotckes but I love the colors

I like the colorful stand but check out the guys hat/hair on the right.
A nice looking place

A NOT so nice looking place
We head for St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands overnight tonight. See you tomorrow.

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