Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday update

Monday 9/13: After another great breakfast of an amazing fruit plate, mostly with fruit from the garden and fresh croissants and scones, with yoghurt, we headed for Arles with are host, Jim. He is a Van Gogh expert so we got the Van Gogh tour. Very nice. Many of Van Gogh's more famous paintings were painted in Arles, including A Starry Night. We saw the locations.

We also spent considerable time in the train station trying to change our tickets to Italy. None of the ticket agents spoke English, so we had some problems. We finally got it sorted out and we have to take six separate trains on Wednesday. Should be exciting. I should have packed lighter! Stay tuned for that report.

Today we are going to the Louberon and the hilltowns. Should be a beautiful trip.

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