Thursday, September 15, 2011

Michigan Weekend

We spent last weekend in western Michigan with Gary & Linda.  We drove across the state to Warren Dunes State Park on the shore of Lake Michigan where the wind has created huge sand piles.  We attempted to climb this one but it is exhausting. The sand is soft and you can barely get a foothold.

Skipping stones was only slightly more successful

Some of us just had to get their feet wet (brrr)

We did conquer this smaller dune

We headed north to Holland for the night and after dinner thought we would catch the sunset on the lake. This is what we saw.

Ghostly figures in the mist

Gary helps engineer a canal

On Sunday we went to Windmill Island which was practically deserted.  This is way more popular at tulip time

This all-girl Klompen group seemed to lack enthusiasm

They wear about nine pairs of socks with the wooden shoes

For even more pictures and the exact locations visit Cheryl's Panoramio Pics at

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